Monday, 7 November 2011

Montage Magic Trick: Mr Potato Head with iOS5

If you've upgraded to iOS 5, you may not have noticed the new Emoji keyboard.  To enable this, go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> International Keyboards.  Select Add New Keyboard and select the Emoji keyboard.
Open Montage Magic and create a new collage by selecting the Plain Theme.  Add a photo of a potato (i.e. take a picture with your phone camera).
Click on the Add Text button, and when the keyboard pops up click on the Globe button to switch to the Emoji keyboard.  You'll need to add each part as a single character, one at a time.  Most are in the Smiley face category - swipe through to the last page to find the eyes, ears and nose.  You'll need to add the ear twice (don't worry that they are both right ears).

In the bell category, add a top hat.
Get all the body parts together.  You may find since these are each text boxes that it's difficult to pick up the right part since they are actually all overlapping (switch on text borders and you'll see what I mean) - to help, double tap on each part before dragging. 
Use a two finger swipe to flip one of the right ears into a left ear!  You may need to first zoom in to make the swipe easier to do.
Now assemble the body parts together!
Add a text caption and voila!

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