Monday, 7 November 2011

Montage Magic Tip: Contact Name & Number Cards

Montage Magic can add names, photos and phone numbers from your address book.  In this example, I'm going to create an Emergency Contact card for work showing the First Aiders and Fire Marshalls.   Note that the address book contacts below are completely fictitious with randomly generated faces!

Open Montage Magic and pick a theme - I'm going to use the Noticeboard theme.

Tap on the Person icon and the address book names and photos will be displayed.  If no phone numbers appear, tap on the Numbers On button.  Select the people you want - you can also use the Search bar to find people.  Tap done and the people will be added to the collage.

I'm going to change the borders for the photos - tap on the Settings button and select Borders.  I'm going to use black rounded borders.

Reposition and resize.

Finally add some title text.

That's it!  To print, simply tap the Action button and choose small or large (if you have an AirPrint compatible printer)
I've printed this out using the A6/4x6 option.

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